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    From Tony Comandini@2:250/5 to All on Sun Jan 1 16:24:00 2017
    Hi Guys,
    I just wondering your opinion about make an MBSE Net with the intent to collect
    all MBSE Sysops and not. Sharing experience and informations without spreading
    between this area and SF, a sort of Wiki for everybody want to try or improve MBSE.

    Something easy like:
    MBSE Net
    Msg Areas:
    MBSE installation
    MBSE OS (Linux, Windows, Mac)
    MBSE general chat
    MBSE Announcements (new releases)

    File Areas
    MBSE scripts
    MBSE Doors
    MBSE main installation files
    MBSE Contributions

    Of course this area should be stay here as for other BBS Software already migrated in Net.

    Happy New Year 2017


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