• Hiya!

    From Alan Ianson to Michiel Broek on Wed May 1 15:57:00 2013
    Hiya Michiel!

    I was just looking around on fido and came across a message from you I just
    had to stop and say Hi!

    I hope all is going well with you these days. My old bbs machine got
    hijacked when my wife and I were divorcing (we have since reconciled). I got the bbs machine back about six months later but when they (whoever it was I don't know) jacked the box they yanked on the cords and then I couldn't get
    the monitor to work with it after that.

    Kind of a shame, that BBS was coming along nicely. I still think about
    putting a BBS online agian but haven't had the time.

    Anyway, good to see you.. :)

    Ttyl :-),

    ... Computer Hacker wanted. Must have own axe.
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