• mbmsg crashing again...

    From Rj Clay@1:120/419 to All on Wed Mar 13 15:58:00 2013
    Hi All!

    The v0.92 mbmsg on my 120/544 node was crashing again when attempting to process on of the echo areas, with the same thing happening for 'pack' or 'kill'. Finally just moved the JAM files for that echo area out the way. (The base files for it were recreated witn no issue at the next mbmsg run.)

    I've already been running the debian package for MBSE BBS; the one for v0.92 at my 1:120/544 node and v0.95.14 here on my netbook. There is a way to have debug packages built for a main package, but I hadn't gotten around to doing that yet for MBSE BBS so I'm thinking I'll go ahead and do that; at least for the v0.95.xx if not also for the old v0.92 version. (If I did both, I'd either have to give them differnent package names or direct them to different distros...)

    Note that info for the packaging is available as follows:
    Code repo: http://github.com/jame/mbsebbs
    Ubuntu Pkg repo: https://launchpad.net/~ftnapps/+archive/main


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