• My system 2 by mbse

    From Gert Andersen@2:230/150 to All on Fri Oct 26 17:03:06 2012
    Hello All!

    I think that I maybe find out where and why my node 2:230/152 fido2.kofobbs.net
    not will work telnet login.
    By I have tried to connect to it with 3 systems and all of them could not connect to mbse it gives it to when mbse not gives node connect will telnet neither work.
    This is looking like a network miss somewhere where mbse not getting any hostname and ip address correct for the linux setup and like linux system and mbse not work and talk together as they should.
    Mbse on my fido2.kofobbs.net is by it self polling fine out but not the other way.

    You can ping it as both with fido2.kofobbs.net and fido2.kofobs.dk but not connect to it.

    So somewhere is there like mbse not have some ports open for Binkp telnet ifc etc.
    Maybe some networks files and ports files not been loaded and started up by mbse.

    Take care,

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    --- Msged/LNX 6.2.0 (Linux/2.6.39-gentoo-r1 (x86_64))
    * Origin: KofoBBS at ftp://ftp.kofobbs.dk (2:230/150)