• IGMs and Synchronet

    From Daryl Stout@1:382/33 to ALL on Tue Aug 16 09:49:00 2005
    Thanks to a tip from Ken Weitzel on his IGMs with Synchronet. In the Synchronet BBS setup, it tells you to NOT lock the comport. However, by
    doing so, Ken's IGMs won't echo out. So, I decided to go ahead and lock
    the comport in LORDCFG on Ken's advice...and that solved the problem.

    Even though basic comport data is ignored under telnet with
    Synchronet, one of the FAQs on Synchronet door setup notes that "if
    locking the comport at 38400 and on com1 makes you happy, the door
    should work OK". However, note that the regular door would need to
    be capable of FOSSIL usage (as L.O.R.D. is).

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