From George Pope@1:261/1381 to Ken Weitzel on Mon Aug 15 00:35:55 2005
    >DS> Too bad there isn't a way to submit new puzzles to Ken for him to
    >DS> new versions.

    Is there not a text data file the sysop can edit?

    Nope. Considered using an external file, but decided
    against it - if an error existed in one, then my
    reputation could be ruined by finally crashing a
    system :)

    Why not have an external program that takes input from the sysop &/or users, and runs it through filters to be sure the format/content is correct and won't crash anything?

    Because I care,
    |<+]::-) (Cyberpope(the Bishop of ROM!))

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  • From Daryl Stout@1:382/33 to DONALD TIDMORE on Tue Sep 6 15:13:00 2005
    These are the LORD programs that I have created, adopted, or maintain for

    >Hiding in the Shadows - not in development currently.


    For some reason, my L.O.R.D. 4.06 would not let me into the game anymore...even when I tried adjusting my deal with the player editor.
    Plus, it was giving the SLOW <MORE> prompt with Synchronet 3.12a --
    where I didn't have a problem with Synchronet 3.10L.

    Anyway, I had copied the current BBS players data from 4.06, and
    decided to DOWNGRADE to 3.55 -- while that game and the IGMs installed
    OK, there were too many data discrepancies between the two. However,
    folks that had gold in the Kiteria's IGM over here have stuff to rebuild
    on. Also, the SLOW <MORE> prompt is now GONE with 3.55 -- the only other
    thing not there was the "blackjack dwarf" in the forest, but that's
    minor, IMO.

    However, with the downgrade/reset, my wife noted 2 different entries
    for her in the Hiding In The Shadows IGM...but I didn't notice an editor
    for that one, as is with Kiteria's bank. And, every so often, a
    duplicate entry of her character shows up in there, but that editor can
    take care of it. Is it possible to create a player editor with HITS??


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