• win a T-Shirt

    From JIMMY ANDERSON@1:116/18 to ALL on Tue Apr 5 22:07:00 2016
    I'm not the sysop, but I support this guy's efforts!

    Operations wrote to All <=-

    Congratulations to Sparks Nevada, the winner of Section One BBS's Game
    of the Month for February and March, "The Wild West." Your new Section One BBS T-shirt is on its way.

    Our new game of the month for April is "cop Squad." And you can win a free BBS T-shirt as well. All you have to do is log in and play. At
    the main menu hit X for our doors menu and then menu option 1. The
    player with the highest score or standing at the end of the month will
    win a free T-shirt. You can check out the T-shirt at
    www.section1bbs.com. So telnet in at sectiononebbs.com or connect
    online at www.section1bbs.com and try to achieve the TOP COP Status.

    ... Catskill Mountains: The land of dead mice.
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