• IP Changes

    From Paul Hayton@3:770/100 to All on Thu Jul 13 11:18:24 2023
    HI all.

    I'm posting this here in case some folks on Fido who also link with me in othernets may be having issues connecting to my systems. I am also noticing a few systems that may have inadvertently blocked my new IP addresses so I am unable to deliver packets to them at present :(

    I've emailed a few folks but am taking the opportunity to post some info to a few other echos in an attempt to try other means to reach impacted people.

    My new static IPv4 is

    Static IPv6 DNS (AAAA) records are as follows:

    net1.fsxnet.nz - 2407:8b00:1169:900::100
    agency.bbs.nz - 2407:8b00:1169:900::100
    news.bbs.nz - 2407:8b00:1169:900::300
    zen.fsxnet.nz - 2407:8b00:1169:900::200

    Can you please white list the above and check they have not been auto-blocked by your systems.

    IP addresses no longer used are:

    Can you please remove these from any records you are using with my systems.

    Best, Paul

    Kerr Avon [Blake's 7] 'I'm not expendable, I'm not stupid and I'm not going' avon[at]bbs.nz | bbs.nz | fsxnet.nz

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