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    Re: Help with sbbsecho with s
    By: Sneaky to Digital Man on Sat Feb 27 2016 09:43 am

    ok, I post a message in a fidonet_area,run sbbsecho.exe seems to zip up fine to the right node number
    for my fidonet hub, in fd\netmail message looks fine but when I send it out via irex to my fidonet hub
    it goes into his e-mail inbound dir about log, not in his inbound dir that would proccess the messages,
    he has created a batch file to move it to the right directory, I get fidonet/whishperne/league10 from this

    I plan to join another network samewere else, but I would like to see if I can get this one working right

    Sounds to me, from your description, like the problem is on the hub's
    end. But I don't know what an "e-mail inbound dir about log" is, so I'm just guessing.

    Wonder if he has IRex set for *.MSG mailer rather than Binkley and as soon as it sees the *.MSG in the netmail folder before sbbsecho changes it to a .*lo file in the outbound, IRex sends it without the .pkt.

    Just a guess....



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