• Re: Does anyone have Open!EDIT v.99 set up?

    From Bill McGarrity@1:266/404 to KenDB3 on Tue Nov 7 06:25:45 2017
    On 01-26-15 20:34, KenDB3 wrote to Bill McGarrity <=-
    Thanks for the reply :-)
    I don't have Native Executable set to Yes, I have that as No. When I set up the Batch file for testing, I enabled "Use Shell to Execute". But, that's just so I could pause the screen that was popping up in order to read it.

    Here's a screen shot if you are curious: http://bbs.kd3.us/screenshots/openedit01.png

    Again, not terribly concerned about it. Mostly just curious. I use SlyEdit myself, but wanted to set up a few other options on the board. Mostly just for fun. I love tinkering with this stuff :-)

    Instead of using %!OEDIT, use the entire path and you shouldn't need a
    .bat file unless you doing a few more things. My command line is: c:\sbbs\exec\oedit\oedit -P%n -N%#

    Make sure in OESETUP you have BBS type: generic and path: c:\sbbs\ctrl

    Not sure why it works with the ..\ctrl in there it works for me... :)

    All good suggestions, Bill, and thanks. But for some reason no luck.
    Same issue again. I didn't have it set to c:\sbbs\ctrl, just c:\sbbs,
    so I changed that. I also noticed I never put in a Registration name,
    so I tried that. Still no love...

    OK... was a shot in the dark...

    I'm only using the .BAT to troubleshoot. If I get it working I'll drop
    it. However... not looking good for me, lol. Sometimes, I chalk these things up to gremlins or a ghost in the shell :-D

    Are you running the .BAT from a cmd line in a dos box? If I can remember your screen shot you were. If so it may not see a fossil. Allowing Synch to handle that part will give you the support.

    Also, I am in RI and about to get hit with tons of snow. So I might not have a working connection for a few days. Be back soon, though!

    I'm in NJ.. so I can feel your pain... :)



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