• Happy Patriot Day

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to ALL on Mon Sep 11 20:51:23 2023
    Hello Everybody,

    Today is 9/11/2023.
    Otherwise known as Patriot Day.

    Nevermind the United Nations observance
    on 21 Augus 2023 of the International Day
    of Victims of Terrorism.

    This is bigger. Much bigger.

    As noted by poets from around the world.
    Such as Nizer Qabbaris -


    I am with Irhab (terrorism)
    as long as this new world order
    hates the smell of A`rab.

    I am with terrorism
    as long as the new world order
    wants to slaughter my off-spring
    and send the to dogs.

    For all this
    I raise my voice high:
    I am with terrorism
    I am with terrorism
    I am with terrorism ...

    ~by Nizer Qabbaris

    For Life,

    Coronovirus doesn't effect rats n snakes so most of u are safe.

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