• Vikings Rule

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to ALL on Sun Aug 6 14:24:59 2023
    I clearly told Björn to make it quick.
    But did he listen?
    Of course not.
    He had to make it nice, and slow.
    In true Viking fashion.
    Had to make the USA think it actually had a chance of winning.
    But the USA couldn't do it.
    Even though it had tons of chances.
    And should have easily won.
    As well as being far ahead during penalty kicks.

    Maybe Swedes have a thing about torture.
    Let the other team try to score.
    As often as possible.
    And even give them the lead.
    As if to make them think they are on top of the world.

    And then snatch it all away.
    With the referee declaring "Game Over" awarding game to Sweden.

    The two-time defending FIFA Women's World Cup champions are gone.
    Back to skool to relearn how to play the sport they once loved.

    On Friday, Sweden will meet Japan. And those geisha girls will not
    be fooled by any Viking trickery that might come their way.

    For Life,

    Your Hole Is Our Goal

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