• Execution

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to ALL on Tue Aug 1 17:12:30 2023
    USA 0
    Portugal 0

    This was the worst match the USA has ever played in its existence.
    The absolute worst. The USA had been 10-0 against Portugal, and had
    outscored them 39-0. Yesterday's performance was pathetic. Portugal
    had outplayed them the entire game, and should have won. The only
    reason the USA escaped with a draw was because Portugal missed a
    score by one inch (hitting the right crossbar) in extra time.

    USA advances to round of 16 to face Sweden.

    The #1 ranked team in the world, winning only one game during
    bracket play, with two draws. Truly pathetic. They should pack
    up their bags and go home now, without even bothering to keep

    An execution will be performed live, on television, for a worldwide
    audience, with no censorship anywhere by any country or dictator.
    This event will be free for all to watch, regardless of age. But be
    warned. It will be gruesome. Truly gruesome. And not all have the
    stomach or the courage to watch. So, for those who do choose to
    watch such an atrocity, don't blame me, as you have been warned.

    Vikings are gearing up to dismantle the team from the USA that thinks
    it knows how to play soccer (football in the real world). These are not ordinary Vikings, but *women* Vikings. I am sure Björn could tell us
    what Oden calls them. And how they play when they get into a fight.

    Of course, the USA has no fight in them. Rather than play to win,
    those gals play not to lose. Not so with Vikings, who play for blood.

    After watching the USA get into the round of 16 by barely squeaking
    by with a 0-0 draw against Portugal, in the worst-played match that
    could possibly be played by a team that is regarded as being the #1
    ranked team in the world, what comes next will not be a match of
    any kind. It will be an execution. Something not seen on television
    since Saddam Hussein was shown swinging from a rope.

    Really. An execution. You think what the Netherlands did to Vietnam
    was bad? After being ahead 5-0 at the half, the Netherlands had mercy
    on Vietnam, finishing them off by a final score of 6-0. It could have
    been worse. Far worse had they wanted to really rub it in.

    In comparison, the best the USA could do was squeak by Vietnam with
    a 2-0 win. The only win it had during bracket play.

    This will not be pretty sight when it plays Sweden.

    Of course, the rules do not allow the use of ropes or any other
    artifical props. Not that it matters, as Vikings have other ways
    to do what they want with their prey. And those Viking women are
    dangerous. Truly dangerous. What they are able to do with their
    legs, and their heads, is beyond imagination.

    I feel sorry for my American friends who will be facing them in the
    next round. This will not be a fair contest at all. So please. I beg
    you. Pray for them. A quick death. Not a dragged out melodrama with
    pretty ladies begging for mercy. No. Have mercy on us all by ending
    it quickly, with the referee calling it a day before the first minute
    is over.

    For Life,

    We Put Big Loads In Tight Places

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