• Coronavirus Passport

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Sat Feb 13 15:45:22 2021

    Hello Everybody,

    While the British are still trying to figure
    out how to travel to and from what used to be
    the United Kingdom, it seems like Sweden and
    the rest of Scandinavia have already figured
    out what to do. And what is that? Why, issue
    coronavirus passports to its citizens, so as
    to show they are free of covid-19. That way,
    nobody with or without coronavirus has to be
    placed in quarantine when traveling from one
    place to another. Just think of what this
    would mean for the EU, especially those in
    the Schengen area.

    The next step would be for all countries to
    use digitalized currency rather than that
    paper stuff that can never be made clean once
    it gets dirty with all sorts of germs that
    make people sick. This would also save the
    trees and the environment.

    Dang. Am I a genius, or what?


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