• New Jeopardy Host

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Wed Feb 3 14:17:14 2021

    Hello Everybody,

    Did you like Kellyanne Conway's "alternative facts" the past
    four years? Well, get ready for "alternative answers" with the
    new host of television game show Jeopardy taking the helm -


    That's right! Gone is that Canadian dude with white hair.
    In is the dark-haired medical expert who cured Donald Trump
    of covid-19, making him immune from the virus.

    I wonder where these guys get their training?


    Stop Workin', Start Jerkin'

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  • From David Drummond@3:640/305 to Lee Lofaso on Sat Feb 6 11:17:02 2021

    On 3/02/2021 23:17, 2203/2 wrote:

    I wonder where these guys get their training?

    I suspect from my younger brother.


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