• Re: OT:Needing new homes

    From T@1:278/230 to All on Sat Nov 15 10:58:00 2003
    The Black skirt tetras are known breeders to me, these are FREE along with
    the headlamp tetras and guppies.. I am desperate for homes ASAP...

    "T" <tor_ent@mindisblowen.ca> wrote in message news:XlUrb.8616$6c3.6082@newsread1.news.pas.earthlink.net...
    Unfortunatly, I have to find me some homes for my friends... I have a 6
    inch tiger, a three inch tiger and 4 inch Black tiger... I will take what
    paid for them originally. I am in San Bernadino County. These feller's
    to go by monthes end... I have 6in Pl*eco, BS tetras, HL tetras, and
    guppies that are going to need homes as well... I also have my Koi and gf posted on rec.ponds as well...

    Tim... Lost in the state of confusion... errr make that California..

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