• Tank Maintenance At Last!

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Fri Oct 8 19:47:00 2010
    Oh gosh . . . can you believe it?! It's been exactly twelve weeks -- THREE MONTHS -- since I last conducted a major tank maintenance for my poor little mbunas. What a terrible fish keeper I've been! I know that it is going to
    take a few hours of back-breaking work, so I tend to procrastinate and put
    it off for as long as I can. Truthfully though, apart from being a bit lazy, I've just been so busy lately with different facets of our online Christian ministry.

    Well, today was the day. After looking at them, and repeatedly promising
    them that I'd get to it, I finally stopped what I was doing -- I'm always
    busy -- and put my hands to the task.

    In addition to a twenty-four gallon water change, I scrubbed down all four glass panes -- including the back pane this time, which I rarely ever do --
    and I cleaned the two power heads, as well as the two Penguin Bio-Wheel filters, including the filter media. Boy were those things dirty! In fact,
    the water had taken on a slight greenish tinge it was so bad.

    I hope my fish don't die of shock from having clean water in the tank! :P

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