SB-Software Doors

"Galactic Warzone v7.6"
Galactic Warzone is yet another clone of
the popular door game, Trade Wars by Chris
Sherrick, but this one is different -
written entirely in Turbo Pascal version
5.5 which has ability to add MANY options
and enhancements. Here are just a few:
- Exceptionally fast - All data in ram!
- Configurable from 500-5000 sectors!
- Planets, outpost, and Starbases!
- Built in online editor
- Built in auto-initialization
- programmable mines
- programmable fighter defense groups
- fast autopilot (thanks to Greg Smith)
- cloaking and anti-cloaking devices
- stock market and credit accounts
- Federation, Cabal, Renegade fighters
- up to 2 billion credits or fighters
- up to 64,000 cargo holds, mines, etc.
- 4 line messages
- planets produce fighters and mines
- Special Gambling port
LOD v5.11
- $20.00
"Land of Devistation v5.11"
Land of Devastation is a role playing game
for computer bulletin board systems.
SuperVGA graphics are supported on both
the sysop's side of the connection and via
a special remote terminal, on the user's
end as well. Platforms supported are DOS,
DOS-DPMI, and OS/2.
LOD's main features include:
SVGA Graphics support, as well as ANSI and
ASCII for non graphics users.
Customizable Datasets - compile and release
your own LOD dataset!
Built in LGPL programming language allows
dataset designers to create specialty
devices and add specialty location.
Multiple maps, many cities and unique
locations to explore.
Many different types of weapons and other
"Net LOD v1.1a - beta"
This is LOD client/server in a graphical
format. This project was never completed
and the server still has some bugs. You
can play this in standalone mode, or host
your own server. If you wish to connect
to a server that is online 24/7, once you
start the game, fill in the remote server
name as:

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