Suburban Doors

FREE COPY keys are included in all archives where applicable
this means all doors are fully functional with the key provided
"vanity" keys are $5.00 each, this will have your BBS Name / SysOp Name instead


- $5.00
"Deluxe HiLo v1.2"
Popular Card Game from Suburban Software
Supports Fossil Drivers Non-Standard IRQ's
Supports ALL Major BBS's


- $5.00
"King of the Board v8.21"
The most popular Trivia game for BBS
Systems. Supports Fossil Drivers
Non-Standard IRQ's Supports ALL Major
BBS's Now menu Driven!
Now with First Intial & Last name
This is the complete package.


- $5.00
"Murder Motel v4.6"
The original MURDER MOTEL! 4.6
Don't settle for a substitute
Now supports all BBS's, Fossil drivers


- $5.00
"Strike 9 v3.5"
A complete rewrite of the Door
Now supports all major BBS Packages
Supports Non-Std Comm Ports and IRQ's
Full Fossil Driver Support
Complete package including conversion
programs. From Suburban Software


- $5.00
"Word Nerd v2.1"
Challenging Word Game.
Guess The Two Rhyming Words From The Clue.
Complete Rewrite of The Older Version.
Supports All BBS's, Comm Ports 1-15 Fossil
Driver Support From Suburban Software

All files are provided as is. By downloading these files you agree to use them at your own risk.
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