- ExDX System Doors

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- $5.00
"Empires at War v2.53"
Game of conquest and empire building in
Napoleonic Europe. Geographical and
political maps. Inter-BBS capable. Six
players per game - 6 empires - France,
England, Prussia, Austria, Russia, and
Ottoman Turks. Economics, politics,
weather, army and navy building, morale,
leaders, events like rebellions or
Original Programming: Steve Lorenz

- $5.00
"Romans at War v2.51"
From the Pillars of Hercules to the Indus
river the empires in the era of Rome
battle for world domination. Inter-BBS
capable. Geographical and political maps.
Six players per game Rome, Carthage,
Macedonia, Parthia, Eqypt and Persia.
Economics,politics, weather, army and
navy building and training, morale,
leaders, events like rebellions or
Original Programming: Steve Lorenz

- $5.00
"Riverboat Blackjack v1.02"
Multi-player Realtime Blackjack game.
Players take on the character of an 1800s
riverboat gambler 'seated' at the table
with up to four others.
Original Programming: Steve Lorenz

- $5.00
"Railroad Empires v2.18"
Railroad Tycoon Door game. You are one of
six railroad tycoons who attempt to take
over most of the US and Canadian
railroads. Operate the railroad and make
a profit. Invest in rail lines and drive
your competitors out of business. Forge
your own railroad empire.
Original Programming: Steve Lorenz

- $5.00
"Star Force Commander v1.11"
The Ultimate head-to-head doorgame.
Players battle it out in head-to-head
online battles for absolute supreamacy of
the Quadrant. 10 Star races, with 500+
warships and numerous auxilaries. Star
Force Fleet actions like you've never
seen before in a doorgame. Battle using
missiles, phasers, torpedoes. Launch
waves of fighters from carriers or fight
hand-to-hand boarding actions. Up to 4
players fight at once in a single online
Original Programming: Steve Lorenz

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