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"Adventure Door Game Toolkit v1.03"
The Adventure Door Game Toolkit will
allow you to use any of the many available
normal size AGT(c) game modules as door
games on your BBS. Included in the game
package are 3 sample AGT(c) modules for
your use. You can also use the included
AGT17(c) package to author your own game
modules. A great way for a sysop on a
to offer many door games! For those who
love text adventure door games your ship
has arrived!
"Bioguide Biorythm v2.00"
Fun and entertaining program for plotting
biorhythm charts.
"Camptown Races v2.00"
Fun and easy to play door game of pony
track racing.  Makes several types of
score bulletins to include a Hall of
Fame for the all time best players.
"Death by Trivia v1.00"
A trivia door game with a difference! Not
only can you play good quality trivia
games on your BBS, you can also design
your own or allow your BBS users to design
the trivia data file modules for you!! Up
to 10 different categories can be played
in the same directory. Includes a
distributable stand-alone DOS trivia
category design and construction program
which includes mouse support!
"Escape v1.00"
Fun and entertaining arcade door game
reminescent of the old robotron (c) game.
Evade the zombies as long as you can to
reachest the highest score possible.
Multiple levels.
"Grunt Fest v1.23"
Mech Combat Door Game - Hooahh... It's
head to head mechanized combat between the
two most powerful armies on earth in this
fun to play BBS DOOR game which is half
wargame and half card game. Journey to the
near future somewhere between 1995 and
2005 where you will lead a mechanized
Infantry Platoon in hypothetical Combat
against another force of similar strength
or greater.The opponents are the Russian
Army and the United States Army. Using
Artillery Support, Tac Air, Anti Tank
Missiles, Tank Main Guns, APC Cannons and
Dismounted Infantry assaults attempt to
destroy the enemy Platoon of five vehicles
before that fate happens to you.  Oh yes,
don't forget to plan on drawing friendly
fire and minefield encounters which can
ruin the best planned assault of either
"Godfather of Crime v2.11"
A rip-roaring, knock-em-dead ANSI role
playing door game of the 1930s New York
organized Crime Scene! Carefully
researched, the game provides authentic
flavor as well as a fun to play game of
the period. Using treachery, bribery,
corruption, the horse betting parlor,
illegal businesses and, of course, some
criminal acts, you attempt to work your
way up from a young family Lieutenant to
become the GodFather and most powerful
crime family in New York City.
"Rise to Power v2.00"
Game of intrigue in 15th Century Germany.
Using treachery, diplomacy, marriage,
assassins, combat and other strategies
common to the middle ages can you become
king and unite Germany in this
Machiavellian game?
"Ship of the Line v1.13"
Sailing Ship Combat Door Game. Batten down
the hatches and man the cannons for you
are about to sail in harms way! Journey
back in time in this DOOR Game of the
period where you will experience what is
considered by many to be the pinacle of
the great wooden sailing ships of the
line era. A easy to learn but fun game
which is half wargame and half card game
and takes place in the Atlantic Ocean
between 1778 and 1805. Using refit, Fire
Ships, Boarding Actions, Double Shot,
Rakes, and 64 & 74 Gun Broadsides you
attempt to sink or capture the opponents
fleet of five ships before that fate
happens to you.  Oh yes, don't forget
to plan on drawing Storm, Additional
Damage, Run aground and Adverse Wind
cards which can ruin the best laid plans
of either side!
"Task Force Broadside v1.13"
Pacific Naval War Game - Anchors away and
full steam ahead in this light hearted but
fun game which is half wargame and half
card game and takes place in the Pacific
Ocean of the 1940's. Using drydock, sub
attack, minefield, land based air support
and broadside cards, you attempt to sink
the opponents fleet of five ships before
that fate happens to you.  Did I mention
that you can also draw Storm and
Secondary Damage cards which can ruin the
best laid strategy of either side?
"Way Freight v1.13"
Rail Operations Door. No time for that
second cup of coffee you've got a long
busy day ahead in this fascinating door
game of rail operations on the single
freight train level. You are chief
engineer and must deliver up to 20 freight
cars to the proper industries in the
fewest number of moves. Realistic rail
movement mechanics, 5 different rail maps
and 4 different skill levels guarantee
that no two games will ever be exactly
the same! An enjoyable and challenging
game for both the strategist and puzzle

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