CorpSoft Doors
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- $10.00
"BBS Bowling Solitaire v.1.5"
Online BBS door game for most BBS systems
which features colorful ANSI graphics.
Score the highest bowling score by filling
in as many "pins" each frame as possible.
Support for fossil based multi-port boards
including PCBoard /M. Baud rates to
115,200, COM 0-15, non-standard IRQ's and
fossil drivers supported.
Author: Robert Neal
- $10.00
"Card Sharks Deluxe v7.2"
Based on the TV show of the same name.
Fast paced game to play, encouraging
continued play. New graphical look to game
Supports baud rates to 115,200 baud,
non-standard IRQ's, com 0-15 and fossil
based multi-port digiboards.
Author: Robert Neal
- $10.00
"Kings are Wild v1.4"
Challenging and quick paced game where
users score points by matching the total
of the card displayed from the playing
grid. Features make-up days option plus 12
month annual hall of fame scoreboard.
Supports most BBS's, COM0-15 up to 115,200
plus fossil driver, non-standard IRQ's.
Author: Robert Neal
- $10.00
"Links Country Club Golf v6.0a"
Play a round of 9 or 18 holes. Includes
course architect so that you may customize
your course to your board. Now includes
ANSI display for each hole. Supports baud
rates to 115,200, COM0-15, non-standard
IRQ's & fossil based multi-port digiboards
Author: Robert Neal
- $10.00
"War of the Words v1.8"
An entertaining, yet mind stimulating word
game. Luck alone won't cut it in this game
as players are challenged to try and fill
their scorecard before time runs out.
Features 12 month hall of fame, make up
days option, large dictionary and more.
Supports most BBS's, non-standard IRQ's
and digiboards. If you've looked at other
word games, take a look at this one.
Author: Robert Neal
- $10.00
"Z-Wordz v3.5"
A word game with an attitude! Z-Wordz is
like none you've played before. The
challenge, complete the Z-Wordz, three 3
letter words, all joined together to form
the "Z-Wordz"! Includes a 975+ word
dictionary. Support for fossil based
multi-port boards, baud rates to 115,200,
COM 0-15, non-standard IRQ's and fossil
drivers supported.
Author: Robert Neal

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