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- $15.00
"GuTTeRBowl v3.00"
Online Bowling Door! 16bit/32bit Simply
the B E S T  bowling door you'll ever play
ANSI-intensive animation! Bowl the nearly
true action-pin-reaction. Featuring
multi-node, multi-OS support and Telnet
support. Supports nearly every known
Copyright ChasWare Software  (c) 1996-2003
Release date --- August 24, 2003
"GuTTeRBowl v3.x IGM Pack"
GuTTeRBoWL IGM Pack 16bit/32bit versions
Gutterbowl Colors - allow users to change
their in game colors.
Bowlers Banter - allow players to exchange
verbal blows in this oneline program.
SweetSpot - allows players to select
default ball and curve position
Copyright ChasWare Software  (c)1996-2003
Release date --- August 24, 2003

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