JNS Software Doors List

By: Rusty Johnson

(C)opyright 2003, A.S.S.I.S.T., Inc.

          This is a compiled listing of all JNS Software Door Games
       which are the most recent versions currently Available
along with a brief discription of each door.

All JNS Software Door Games has the following Features:
          FEATURES INCLUDE:  Make-Up Day's,  Play  Ahead Days,  Bulletin
       Maker,  Score Data Editor,  Non-Standard Port Addressing,  Fossil
       Driver Support,  Baud Rates up to 115,200K, Alias names when used
       with DOOR.SYS or supplied via command  line switch,  support's 18
       Different BBS's or any BBS  supporting any  of 5 Drop File Types,
       DESQview detection and time slicing,  Multi-Node capabilities and
       full voice support for shareware and registered users.
          Now supporting environment variables and command line switches
       which makes Multi-Node setup a snap and detects an adjust screens
       for RIP Graphics Terminals.

Email: support@BBSFiles.com

       - In-Between -  is a great  little card game that is both a fun and challenging card game from JNS Software. In this nice looking
       game you bet on the draw of a card. The dealer deals hand of two cards and the player the bets if the  next card will fall between
       these two in value.  Sounds simple but it really gets aggravating when you are dealt the Joker and lose 10 times your bet.

       - Two-Card Poker -  is a nice looking Two-Card  Poker game that has three computer hands and a user hand.  The computer deals the
       hands and then each  computer hand and the user desides rather to stay or fold. The user then places the bet and a winner is shown.
       The sysop can select from 15 to 30 hands.  The hands play fast in Two-Card Poker so the more the better.

       - The Great White Card Game -  This  JNS Software  card game is a clone of the old  BBS favorite  Gard Guppies but  with a twist.
       In this game the player  plays 5 rounds of 5 cards to  win points to play the Super Round with. Play consists of betting rather the
       card on right is higher or lower than the card on the left. This is a very tuff game to master for it takes a little luck.

       - Amazing Memory - is a  Simon clone.  This game will test the players abitily to remember  sequences of numbers.  The game will
       blink the squences  and the player then has  to retype the exact sequence.  The game allows three  strikes and then it's all over.
       The number are  setup like the  numeric key pad to make it easier to retype. This is a great game for the kids.

       - Quote Fall -  is a great word game  where the player must reconstruct a mixed quote. Each letter has to fall from the top box
       down to one of the bottom boxes. This is a real challenging game. The game has a built in Quote Editor  for adding, editing, mixing
       and deleting quotes.  This is a great game  for those  that enjoy working and playing with words.

       - The Puzzle Machine - from  JNS  Software  is a  clone  of the hand held number puzzle game.  The puzzle has the numbers 1 to 15
       and a single blank space.  The puzzle is mixed and the it's up to the player to arrange it back to order.  Every mix is solvable so
       keep trying.  The player is scored on how many  moves it takes to arrange the number back to there starting order.

       - Boxed Poker - is a  Solitaire Poker  game by  JNS Software in which the computer  deals the  player one card  at a time and the
       player places the cards in a 5 X 5 grid of boxes.  The object of the game is to construct the  best 10 possible hands in the grid.
       All poker hands are supported and scored according to difficulty. This is a fairly intensive game which demands a little thought.

       - Soli-Tree -  is the first  of many great solitaire card games from JNS Software. This game has been made even more  challenging
       and fun to play with the added tournament mode. All users recieve the exact same shuffle and a Joker  which gives the player a free
       play on each hand.  The game can still  be played as the previous versions in Standard Mode. This is selectable by the Sysop.  Most
       users I feel will enjoy the new changes!

       - Golf Solitaire -  is  another fasinating  solitaire card game from  JNS Software. This  game in the  authors opinion  is one of
       the most competitive games. An easy game to play but hard to win. Tournament style where all users  recieve the exact same shuffles
       makes score differences between players a direct result of abilty or playing style instead of luck of the draw.

       - Kings Last -  is a pure luck  solitaire card game.  This game intended for children  seems to draw a fair  amount of adults who
       just want to sit back and rest thier brain.  The only requirement of Kings Last is for the player to  choose cards which is flipped
       over onto it's prespective pile.  The object is  to flip the King last. A fun game to watch users play. They even try strategy!

       - Trapper -  is a fun game from JNS Software where the user has to trap a little varment on a block.  The game has five different
       block screens which make up the five games per day.  The player's only jobis to trap the varment on a  single block by removing the
       blocks from the screen.  If you try to remove  the block that the varment is currently on then he will get you!

       - Double SoliTree -  from  JNS Software  is double  the fun and double the trouble of JNS's orginal Soli-Tree. This game user two
       decks of cards and is played just like regular Soli-Tree but also includes two Joker per hand at the Sysops option. With all those
       cards on  the screen  there are always  several ways to  play the cards which makes this game require a lot of concentration.

       - Five Card Draw Poker -  from  JNS Software  is a great 5 card poker door.  In this game the player  plays against  the computer
       who also acts as full time dealer.  You can  bet, raise  and fold which makes  for a good game.  The dealer can and  will bluff and
       also keeps a tight  reign on the bets.  The dealer knows a stupid bet when it's made and will fold to let you know it.

       - Yacht -  is a fantastic  dice game.  Made  in the likeness of another popular dice game of a simular name it is a good game for
       all ages. The player rolls the dice up to three times which makes up a turn, trying to fill in areas on thier score card. The score
       card is made  of poker  type titles  which must  be rolled on the dice and then filled on the score card. Easy & nice game for all.

       - Treasure Trove -  is yet  another  solitaire  card  game from JNS Software.  This game requires patience and skill.  Some users
       have been decieved  into thinking they can  merely hold  down the space bar and just let the cards play, when in fact a single play
       can change the entire outcome of the game. This game is for those who take thier gaming seriously. This game like many other of our
       door games plays in tournament style.

       - On The Edge -  is a fantastic  but aggravating card game from  JNS Software.  This game played in tournament style requires some
       serious thought and a little speck of luck. The player must place cards in a 4 by 4 grid  with Kings,  Queens &  Jacks being placed
       along the edges.  After filling the grid, any unwanted  cards are removed by increments of 10.  The game is won by  placing all the
       face cards in their prespective boxes.

       - Press Your Luck - is a very nice  dice game  by JNS Software. The game starts with the computer rolling two stop dice. Then the
       player rolls 5 dice  trying not to roll  any the same as the stop dice. Each non-matching dice  scores 100 times the dice and each
       matching dice is eliminated. The object  is to attain the highest score  possible without  eliminating all the dice.  This is a fun
       but aggravating game. You can also win free rolls.

       - Match-Two -  is a nice  poker  style game  from JNS Software. The game takes good  betting sense as well as some  guess work to
       match two cards.  If you match a card you are paid odds according to the times it took to match it.  Hitting the Wild Card pays you
       double the bet and  hitting the Joker cost you 10  times the bet. The house  loans you  points to get you started  and this must be
       paid back or you suffer a 10% interest fee on the loan.


Idiot's Delight - is another  great solitaire card  game from JNS Software.  The game  is real  challenging and  is played as a
       tournament  style  game where  all user  recieve  the exact  same shuffles on  each hand.  This results  in score differences being
       a direct result of abilty or playing style instead of luck of the draw.

       - Strike's & Spares - is a fantastic  solitaire card game where the player  places cards in predefined positions which  represent
       bowling pin settings. Score is kept exactly like a normal bowling score with ten frames. Sysop can select from 1 to 3 games per day
       which when added togather make up the daily series score.  Bowler with the  high series for a day wins a bonus.  Other features are
       available so this is a must see game.

       - Bomb Squad - is a power of deduction game where the game will preselect  four colors and positons for them. The player then has
       ten turns and a predetermined  number of clock ticks to  find the correct  colors and  postions to  defuse the bomb.  The number of
       ticks are adjustable by the sysop from 120 to 300. The games will keep track of the best defusion time and also the top-ten scores.

       - The ELIMINATOR - is a great solitiare card game where the players tries to remove all the cards from the table onto eight
       tableau piles.  In the process the player  attempts to use as few tableau's as possible for  you score 1000 Bonus  points  for each
       unused tableau. The game keeps track of Daily, Monthly and a Top-Ten Scores.

       - Slider Solitaire - is a great solitiare card game where the player tries to align as many three of a kind as possible on a
       table made up of four rows and six columns.  This game is a very challenging game that involes plenty  of strategy, skill and lots
       of concentration.  The game keeps  track of Daily,  Monthly and a Top-Ten Scores.

      - Three Shuffles And A Draw - Super! solitiare  card  game that  takes plenty of skill.  The play area is made of of  sixteen fans
       of three cards and the players objective is to strategically move cards between fans and eventually move all cards to the tableaus.
       This game is a  tournament style  game where players  recieve the exact same shuffle for each hand. It keeps a Monthly Champion
       and a Top-Ten Champions score card.

      - Free Cell Solitaire - Incredibly challenging  solitaire  card game where concentration is a must. All cards are dealt face up
       and the palyer must move them all into the tableau. Cards can be moved from row to row and in and out of four free cells to get
       the job done. This game is played in tournament mode where all players receive the exact same hands. It keeps a Top-Ten Champion
       list as well as monthly champ. Free hands can be won!

- Forty Thieves - is a great solitiare card game.The game keeps track of Daily, Monthly and a Top-Ten Scores.

- Tri-Peaks Solitaire - Another nice solitiare card game. This game is a tournament style game where players recieve the exact same shuffle for each hand.

- Montana Solitaire - A fun solitaire card game. Free hands can be won!