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    From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to All on Thu Jun 17 11:48:36 2021
    Date: 17 Jun 21 11:46:40
    From: Ward Dossche
    To: All
    Subj: ZONE4 ____________________________________________________________________________


    The ZONE4-segment this week is bad again.

    De technical structure of the file has no glitches this week, but the whole
    of R90 (the home-region of the ZC4) is missing.

    Please revert again to the previous ZONE4.155 to avoid issues.

    Manuel, this is beginning to be a joke ...

    \%/@rd Dossche

    --- DB4 - Jun 14 2021
    * Origin: Hou het veilig, hou vol. Het komt allemaal weer goed (2:292/854)