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    From PSI-JACK@46:1/142 to G00R00 on Thu Jan 31 19:20:24 2019
    Hey, g00r00..

    I have a new one for ya regarding NetMail and how to and how to not handle
    some things.

    First and foremost, starting with Configuration->Message Base Settings. In there has Netmail Crash, Netmail Hold, and Netmail Killsent. Now, I agree with only 2 of these being there, Netmail Hold, and Netmail Killsent. but Crash, should NEVER be globally enabled because it's not likely to be able to get to its destination unless Mystic itself is able to directly, and securely establish a connection to the destination node it's intended for.

    Netmail flags like this would actually be better in actual message editor options to be able to set certain features. In fact, just an example that Janis provided me with for BBBS, which Mystic could still do better with the editor menu options more dynamically:

    In BBBS's example though, when setting the subject, one could use various subject lines, the first character (or first few characters, I guess depending on if it supports multiple flags or not), would be something like:

    ! crash
    - hold
    < file request

    This could be done in Mystic's Menu to set Crash, or if you set crash and then set hold, remove crash and set hold. Attach of course would let you upload a file that would be attached to the specific message. I don't recall what file request would be used for though.

    This, on a per-message basis, with ACS restrictions to be able to set attach, crash, hold, and possibly file request messages, all specifically and only on any Message Base where type is NetMail. There was one missing one I think from Janis's example, which is Direct, which Crash itself simply means, Direct AND Now, rather than just Direct when the system does it's normal polls.

    Anyway, I hope to see something like this fixed, because the global option for Netmail Crash is generally a horrendously bad idea. :)

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