• Re: Automated Message Pos

    From TEKHAMMER@46:3/102 to PSI-JACK on Thu Jan 31 19:20:17 2019
    Say I wanted to post a text file to a particular forum on Mystic BBS.
    Such a weekly ad, to the appropriate forums for them.

    Check out mutil and mutil.ini. It has the ability to post a text file into a message base.

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  • From G00R00@46:1/127 to PSI-JACK on Thu Jan 31 19:20:17 2019
    How would you do something like that in Mystic?

    Use the menu command to post a text file, or use MPL, or use the MUTIL
    function to post text files. Mystic will also automatically split up large files into multiple messages too.

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