• DOSEMU, and wierdness in

    From PSI-JACK@46:1/142 to ALL on Thu Jan 31 19:20:17 2019

    Curious as to if anyone else has experienced this and know what's the cause.

    Sometimes, I've started noticing a new little wierd issue just pop up
    randomly. When I go into the BRE doorgame, the Buy/Sell menus looks ot be in "expert" mode, but there is no expert mode I can see. It shows the header and footer, but none of the menu items themselves, in short.

    The oddity is, I don't know what causes it. It's currently affecting at least my League 46 BRE game, for which I setup and have an hourly dosemu ibbs maintenance running (the most recent change since I noticed this).

    So far the only resolution I've found to fix this is to reboot the VM running the BBS. Restarting MIS, nothing different, dosemu.bin? None running..

    My DOSEMU is setup for mostly defaults with some exceptions, on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS:

    $_cpu_emu = "off"
    $_dpmi = (0x5000)
    $_internal_char_sec = "cp437"
    $_layout = "us"

    That's the only uncommented parts of dosemu.conf.

    Any thoughts anyone?

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