• DOSEmu and Mystic BBS..

    From VORLON@46:3/101 to REAPERN66 on Thu Jan 31 19:20:17 2019
    Hello reapern66.

    21 Aug 14 00:00, you wrote to me:

    My system is running mystic/mis as a normal non root user
    (mystic). Mis is started automaticaly (not as a deamon) when the
    GUI (Fluxbox on Centos) comes up. I also have 5 Dos based doors
    running via dosemu.

    Global War
    Tradewars 2002
    Stackem (As listed in the unix.install.txt file)
    LORD 2

    thats great dude. so you know i also have mis working non root on an
    older distro and anther one. for whatever reason debian 5 and mis
    wouldnt run dos binary.

    yes setcap can allow you to run it on higher ports non root..

    Did I read in another message from you that your using a chroot enviroment?

    If that's correct, is it just for the dosemu or the whole bbs that is in the chroot?

    Even though, have you copied all the required files for the chroot to work?

    Have you tryed outside of the chroot enviroment?


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