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    Howdy! Holger,
    -big snip-

    but being offered by Microsoft would seem to be something safe.....

    Yes, and noting the experiences of the first users sold me on Win10.

    Wcry changed that, didn't it?

    Who is 'Wcry'?

    WannaCry, WannaCrypt and various other abbreviations for last months
    This month the most recent Malware I've read of is called Petya.

    I have really been fumbling with this XP computer.

    Several weeks ago I was trying to kill the window popup I see every time
    I turn the XP pc On after it has been Shut Down (not Hibernated),
    that says it found new hardware (a Printer) and wants Me to allow Windows
    to install it.
    I was logged in to my XP Limited User account.

    I haven't added another Printer to this system.
    I thought that maybe if I turned the pc On without having the Router and
    DSL Modem turned On I could go through the setup procedure by telling
    the Found New Hardware Wizard to find the Driver(s) etc. that it thought
    it needed.

    When the Wizard gave up trying to find what it thought it needed it
    showed a window that said "Cannot Install this Hardware" and had a
    Check Box at the bottom of the window saying "Don't prompt me again
    to install this software." to tell IT not to bother Me again asking
    to Install a Printer that I don't have.

    I Restarted and Logged On and saw the same "Found New Hardware" window

    Next I tried the same procedure in my Admin Users account.
    After I Restarted and Logged On to the Admin account the Wizard showed up
    as it did in the Limited account.

    Next I went to Safe Mode and Logged on to a Admin account, ditto ditto.

    The above is one of the fumbling arounds I've done trying to tame the
    XP beast.

    I won't bore You with the other Fumbles and Foul Ups happening here in
    the past several weeks.

    GE 73 de Ed W9ODR . .

    ... Have you checked your smoke detector batteries & Fire Ext, LATELY?!
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