• Sunrise Doors

    From IB Joe@1:342/201 to All on Tue Feb 2 09:55:48 2021
    Is there any one out there having the same problem I'm having with Sunrise Doors...

    Using the current doors and the current version of WINServer all my Sunrise doors play the exact same games every day... I mean exact same... if I play a game on Monday complete it... and log back in on Tuesday the exact same game I played on Monday is waiting for me to play.... If I continue this behavior for a month each and every day I log in the exact same games are waiting. It'll count the fact that I have been in on prior days and played and scored points... BUT the exact same games are there waiting for me each and every day I log in...

    Sent Al some screen shots... He says he has no clue... I have tried this on Windows 10 32Bit, 64Bit and XP... same result.

    Could it have been a change in WINServer?

    IB Joe
    AKA Joe Schweier
    SysOp of Joe's BBS

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