• Situation...

    From Robert Wolfe@1:116/17 to All on Fri Nov 1 20:54:18 2019
    Ok folks. As the moderator of this echo, let me get everyone up to
    speed abotu WHY my BBS is in the state it is in (not that it is of
    anyone's concern, but I am tired of the insulting messages that get sent
    to me via this echo).

    1. We are forced to live in a crappy hotel with crappy wifi internet.
    2. Because of said Wifi internet, I am forced to pay a monthly fee just
    so I can use a VPN service to maintain a public IP address so that
    others can access my BBS.
    3. If said WiFi internet goes offline, said VPN connection goes down,
    and I do not know about it until someone is kind enough to tell me.
    4. Once said VPN connection is back up, it takes a little while for the Namecheap DynDNS client to update my IP address in DNS.

    So please, be aware of one's situation before you go attacking them.
    Because, as echo moderator, I will NOT hesitate to request feed cuts.

    End of my moderator rant.

    Thank you for listening.
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    * Origin: Lean Angle BBS * Southaven MS * winserver.org (1:116/17)