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    From LARRY LAGOMORPH@1:124/5013 to ALL on Thu Jan 31 19:20:17 2019
    Feel the passion, the heat at ----


    - One of a kind shell and other custom javascript
    - 22 real time interbbs games : no dead games here.
    - all that other bbs stuff like message boards, agoranet, dovenet etc,
    -use your normal handle and have messages hilighted for you in threads when they are for you or to you.

    Always under development, more features to come. Home of the newest BBS game around, the Oregon Trail, produced by Larry Lagomorph.

    We also have a music video on youTube, just search for "Futureland BBS" and you'll find it. Serious production quality. (it's funny if you can watch it all the way through and pay attention).

    BBS is also accessible through secret portal on grudgemirror.com and via beta mobile at http://grudgemirror.com/ftelent. You should try the secret portal, it's for the youth of today. They're coming back, back to the future. Futureland. Type the code at http://grudgemirror.com from CONTRA from NES if u like.

    TL;DR - you can get with this, cause this is where it's at

    ■ Synchronet ■ telnet to utureland.grudgemirror.com and check out our website for a sneak pre
    * Origin: Prison Board BBS Mesquite Tx //telnet.RDFIG.NET www. (1:124/5013)