• wcQWKnet 3.05f2

    From Robert Wolfe@1:116/17 to All on Tue Dec 4 22:07:42 2018
    Since someone asked about this over in WINSnet, I thought I would also post
    the same thing here. This is what was fixed/added/replaced in the 3.05
    release series of wcQWKnet:

    3.05 (+) Added KEEPREP semaphore file to be created in the DATA
    directory. This can be a 0-byte file and if it is present,
    then any REP packets that are to be sent will not be sent,
    so you will have to manually delete the packet. However,
    if the FTP status is anything other than a successful trans-
    fer, the code this file invokes will automatically run even
    though the KEEPREP file does not exist.

    (+) Added the KEEPQWK semaphore file to be created in the
    DATA directory. This file serves the same purpose as the
    KEEPREP file but for QWK packets.

    (***) For those of you that are keeping count, this marks
    the 16th update/feature addition/enhancement for wcQWKnet
    so far :)

    3.05f1 (Fix 1) (!) There was a bug in the active semaphore removal routine
    that was preventing it from removing the file when the
    program was done. That should be fixed in this beta version
    by utilizing the /RESETONLY command on the command line.
    Note that when using this command/parameter, no config
    filename needs to be specified. Thanks to Matt Munson for
    confirming that this was indeed a bug that cropped up in
    the initial 3.05 release.

    3.05f2 (Fix 2) (+) Added command usage screen that displays when no
    parameters are given or the active semaphore file exists

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