• wcsmtp.exe Stopping and Starting

    From Robert Wolfe@1:116/18.1 to All on Mon Jul 25 20:33:14 2022
    Ho all!

    So, it looks like I am having the issue again under Server 2019 and the latest WINS release where when I start wcSMTP.exe, it tries to start up, but then it closes again and no errors are written to the server logs that I can see. Has anyone else had this issue? And if you resolved it, how? And yes, I am using a smarthost, through mailbaby to be exact. My other WINS system is as well, but it does not seem to be having the same issue. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    --- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v7.0
    * Origin: Spectrum BBS * spectrum.winserver.org (1:116/18.1)