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    From Bob Jones@1:343/41 to Sean Rima on Wed Nov 5 23:15:24 2003
    In my outbound queue for 2:263/950 there will often be
    a xxxxxxxx.flo and xxxxxxxx.Flo both containing the
    same files. In fact when I looked this monring, Bo had
    a flo and a Flo each witrh the exact same files :)

    Ah! Ok. We still have a file name case issue some where in the
    code. Is it possible that something other than squish is touching
    your flow files? I think Squish by default would create the .Flo
    file. Then Wes's fix would try to change the name (for all usage) to
    the .flo case. Sounds like we're still missing a file name case correction someplace.

    I am not using anything else to touch flo files.

    Ok. Thanks.....

    Bob Jones, 1:343/41

    --- Maximus/2 3.01
    * Origin: Top Hat 2 BBS (1:343/41)