• -x lock out clarification

    From Richard Webb@1:116/901 to Marc Lewis on Fri May 23 20:34:37 2008
    HI Marc,

    following up a message from Richard Webb to Marc Lewis:

    Iirc the feed doesn't have the -x, but other addresses do.

    An example:

    I set a readonly echo, i.e. whitehouse to have the R flag. IN my
    default node groups everyone has the r flag, but, note the
    difference. THat's the easiest way to do it, if you have an areafix
    program that will do that for you. OTherwise whenever you add a
    downlink to that echo you'll have to manually edit squish.cfg to
    place the -x before that downlink's entry in the echoarea line.

    For example, my point 200 areafixes whitehouse. HIs link in the echoarea line would appear as follows:

    echoArea whitehouse <path> <flags> <feed> -x1:116/901.0 -x.200 ...

    Becuase this point has the proper letter key for whitehouse not capitalized the
    -x flag is automatically added. Note that my entry does not. I of course have all keys.

    IN your case, you set up this echo, and provide me a link to it. YOu of course
    could place the -x flag on my entry <g>.

    HOpe that's clearer than my msg this morning. I've had coffee since then <g>.

    Note that my address shows up in the area definition line in squish.cfg because
    that way I can control my link to the echo with areafix through the command line.

    This global control is one of the things I've found i like about this areafix program, as well as text file config.

    --- timEd 1.10.y2k+
    * Origin: Radio REscue net operations BBS (1:116/901)