• Setting up Squish

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to Gord Hannah on Thu Feb 22 09:17:42 2007
    Hello, Gord.

    Okay, you want to set up Squish, do you? Well, first of all, let's get some basics here...I'm assuming you just want to set up Squish for Fidonet and OS2Net, right? Nothing fancy there. You're wanting to use BT-style outbound or ARCmail-style?

    If you'd like, you could give me some basics (your addresses, your uplink addresses) and I could write a shell SQUISH.CFG for you. Also, I can give you my COMPRESS.CFG to use-I have it set up to use OS/2-native ZIP and UNZIP.

    Believe it or not, it's not that hard. When I first started with Squish, I had
    an experienced sysop help me with a shell SQUISH.CFG. That's not changed that much over the years (the SQUISH.CFG file).

    If you need something "faster", just email me.


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