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    From: jvwDESPAM@DESPAMdfsee.com

    DFSee version 15.0 has been released, with new functionality and several fixes.

    It is a MAJOR release, expanding the functionality of the filemanager-like BROWSE
    dialog giving very easy to use access to file viewing, editing and copying/recovery.
    Recovery now supports recovering complete directory trees in one go (recursive).

    Furthermore, recovery of files on JFS and EXTn will be MUCH more useful when the filesystems are damaged, it will be able to reconstruct more of the filenames
    since it does not NOT rely on the directory structure to be consistent.

    There is also a new LABEL command (and menu items) to view or set
    the VOLUME label in almost all filesystems supported by DFSee.

    Finally, more support for HFS+, and some support for the new APFS
    filesytem for Apple macOS has been added (with more to come!)

    Of course, as usual, there are also many smaller improvements and bug fixes.

    DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
    filesystem and disk analysis, file recovery/UNDELETE and
    smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks.

    This being a major release, it will require an upgrade if you currently
    have a registration for an older version:


    Note: Keys sold from Januari 1st, 2018 onwards, are valid with version 15.x!

    More details at:

    Direct download links from the DFSee website:



    Or from the HOBBES website:
    or (after processing):

    Note: Version 14.8 (or later) users can update directly using the menu:

    Program Updates / Downloads ->
    Get latest STABLE update

    (Works with the OS/2, Windows, Linux and macOS versions too, if WGET is there)

    Functional changes since 14.12

    - APFS: Added Mode=APFS with minimal function (superblock display)
    - APFS: BL/CL command to translate between blocks and sectors
    - APFS: Display all known APFS block types, incl checksum verify
    - APFS: Display container superblock with most relevant values
    - APFS: New DUMP command displays recognized blocks in filesystem
    - APFS: Vol-superblock display with formatted date/time incl nsec
    - ATTACH/VIRT: Use correct geometry/BPS for MEMDISK MiB..TiB sizes
    - BROWSE/SAVETO: 'Recurse into subdirectories' option, default is ON
    - BROWSE: toggles 'Percentage display' versus 'Fast' list build
    - BROWSE: restores original list from startup of the browser
    - BROWSE: Automatic minimize () on display of item metadata
    - BROWSE: Automatic minimize () on recovery of any dir/file
    - BROWSE: No confirmation-popup but printed message on file recover
    - BROWSE: Preserve multiple 'marked' items over list sorting
    - BROWSE: REDUCE list fix for mix of Dir/File selected (sort issue)
    - DFSDOS: Reduced minimal buffer memory from 50Mb to less than 5Mb
    - DISKETTE: RAMDISK from 12 to 3 Mb, and option to skip (low-memory)
    - DISKLIST: Show size of displayed disk in GiB units for readability
    - EFAT: Build Parent-cache before Browse, aborts building it
    - EFAT: Speedup SLT/Parent-cache build, specially on large clusters
    - EXT RECOVER/BROWSE: Better path+filename retrieval on damaged FS
    - FORMAT: Select correct clustersize for non-std BPS like 4096
    - File recovery: 'Recurse' option recovers directory contents too
    - Find normal files DLG: Do NOT allow path-separator or wildcards!
    - GPT: Add 'APFS Container' GUID with matching type 0x73 MBR-alias
    - HFS: Display some catalog-file details at filesystem open/init
    - HFS: FOLDER command to display Catalog contents (DFSee DIR format)
    - HFS: Formatted display of catalog-file header, leaf and map nodes
    - HFS: NODE command to display Catalog header, index and leaf nodes
    - HFS: Supply label value from catalog-file for table/map display
    - JFS FILEFIND/DELFIND: Continue after (CRC) errors when -E:i used
    - JFS RECOVER/BROWSE: Better path+filename retrieval on damaged FS
    - JFS: No endian-swapping of first 8-bytes in UUID edit and display
    - JFS: Specific linux UUID and Volumename displayed with superblock
    - LABEL: EFAT command to display/edit the 11-character volume label
    - LABEL: EXTn command to display/edit the 16-character volume label
    - LABEL: FAT command to display/edit the 11-character volume label
    - LABEL: HFS command to display/edit the 255-character volume label
    - LABEL: HPFS command to display/edit the 11-character volume label
    - LABEL: JFS command to display/edit the 11 / 16 char volume label
    - LABEL: NTFS command to display/edit the 32-character volume label
    - LABEL: ReiserFS cmd to display/edit the 16-character volume label
    - LABEL: XFS command to display/edit the 16-character volume label
    - LIST/RECOVER/BROWSE: Set default minimum filesize to 0 (all files)
    - LOG/TRACE fix opening a new log/trace file in ROOT directory
    - LVM: Updated startup warning LVM IGNORED for missing primary info
    - MAP: Include the Volume LABEL line in the standard MAP layout
    - MENU and CLONE TO/FROM partition lists: Use LVM/GPT name if no FS-label
    - MENU: In most Mode=xxFS: new submenu "Set Volume info/status"
    - MENU: Submenu items: Volume label, Serial-nr, UUID, dirty/clean
    - MENU: Mode=HFS, new Display Catalog info submenu, directory view
    - MENU: Mode=HFS, new Volume-info submenu with Edit/Display Label
    - PART/LVM: Ignore BBR read error, continue (analyse LVM on all disks)
    - PART: Fix devide-by-zero crash on a GRUB boot partition type 0x06
    - RECOVER/SAVETO/BROWSE: new 'recurse into subdirectories' option
    - RECOVER: 'Recurse into subdirectories' OFF when not a single directory
    - RESTORE/IMAGE: -q option reduces screen output to progress only
    - SCRIPT: Added $_d_unixdev[DSK] variable to retrieve disk device name
    - SCRIPT: Avoid interpreting options like -D as a subtraction operation
    - SCRIPTS: Menu, start USB-stick creation scripts quieter (-Q)
    - SCRIPTS: USB-stick creation, show disklist and less verbose
    - TRACE: TRACE: Much less verbose on EVEN trace levels, maximum on ODD
    - XFS, ReiserFS: Supply label value and UUID for table/map display
    - XFS: Display most of the superblock contents, including Inode-use
    - macOS: Show correct (removable) or r/R indicators for removable disks

    Regards, JvW

    DFSee Home: http://www.dfsee.com; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee - mailto://info@dfsee.com

    For a choice in the future of personal computing, Join VOICE - http://www.os2voice.org

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