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    VOICE has started collecting funding for Bitwise Works GmbH to provide support for a new browser. So far we collected 6700 in about 1 1/2 months. While we set
    a target amount of 10.000 Dollars its always better to get more but we need to set *a* target.

    The technical details have been discussed with Bitwise Works Gmbh who have providing the OS/2 community with quality OS/2 ports such as the Firefox web browser for years already.

    For both articles I published please goto http://articles.os2voice.org. The second publication I posted today on the website answers some of the most common questions that where raised in the forums.

    While there are many opinions in the community what browser to port.
    Its not the browser choice, its primarily the browser engine we need to focus on. See my posting on http://articles.os2voice.org why Qt based browser has the
    preference and why it does not yet matter why a browser does not need to selected yet.

    Best regards,

    Roderick Klein
    President OS/2 VOICE

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