• [VOICENWS] SW: DFSee 14.10, DFSPUPPY.IMZ updated, and ISO refresh

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    From: jvwDESPAM@DESPAMdfsee.com

    Hi all,

    Just an FYI on version 14.10

    The DFSPUPPY.IMZ to make your own bootable PUPPY Linux USB stick is now at the 14.10 level
    (actually has been since the 6th of november) It is at:


    (But of course, normally you will download it through the DFSee Help menu download item)

    Then, the ISO required to build the bootable CDROM was broken, the DFSDOS executable
    had grown too much to fit the 1.44MB floppy represented in the BOOT.IMG file. This resulted in a booting CDROM, with FreeDOS, but without DFSee ...

    This has been fixed now by cleaning up some unneeded other files.

    The updated ISO is available from the same place as always:


    Regards, JvW

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