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    EDM/2 is the premier site to find OS/2 software development information.

    There haven't been EDM/2 news posted to the public in a long time, but the work
    to update the wiki continues. Since the last post news (September 2013) there had been a lot of clean up work on the articles and content that has been updated.

    Please visit the news announcement that includes the links:


    Here it is a quick summary of the latest changed on the Wiki.

    New Articles

    This are the new articles included on the Wiki since the last news post:

    - The ACPI Project Architecture

    - USBCalls

    - IBM OS/2 Device Driver Development Kit - 2016-10-31

    - IBM WorkFrame/2 API - 2016-10-20

    - Compiling "OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming" Samples on 2016 by Martín Itúrbide (July, 2016)

    - The Quick and Dirty "Hello World" with GCC by Martín Itúrbide (May 31, 2016)

    - PostWhat WPS Class Example (Dec, 2013)

    Non-EDM/2 Republished Articles

    There are several OS/2, ArcaOS and eComStation programming articles floating around. When the authors authorize to republish their articles, it can be included on the wiki.

    The re-published articles on the EDM/2 wiki are:

    - SOM Collection Classes: A Primer for the VisualAge COBOL Programmer by Robert
    A. Pittman, Jr. (Jul 1996)

    - OS/2 Warp Server: An Architectural Primer by Philip Lieberman (Jun 1996)

    - Building Object-Oriented Applications from Existing C Code by Gregory Piamonte(Aug 1996)

    - Enabling Industrial-Strength OO Applications with SOM and CORBAservices by Geoff Hambrick (Apr 1996)

    - IBM System Object Model--The Wave of the Future (and Now!) by Rick Weaver (Apr 1996)

    - Why SOM? by Brian Curran (Apr 1996)

    - OpenDoc and Human-Computer Interaction by Ralph M. Pipitone (Oct 1995)

    - Getting Object-Oriented with DB2 for OS/2 V2.1 By Rick Weaver (Aug 1995)

    - Designing Lotus Notes Applications That Perform by Lisa Woody (February 1996)

    - OS/2 Warp 4: Java by Andrew Johnson & Matthew Vaughton (Dec 1996)

    - OS/2 Warp 4: Develop with Java by Herman Rodriguez, Miguel Sang (Dec 1996)

    - Using Watcom C/C++ 11.0c on OS/2ΓÇÄ by Michal Necasek (November 2001)

    - Nonformal introduction to ADA-95 by Leonid Dulman (1996-Nov)

    Books and Tutorials

    We did some rearrangement on the past and generated this new article with OS/2 related Development documentation.

    - List of OS/2 Documentation

    Extra updates

    The OS/2 API Project

    There had been also an important effort to continue with "The OS/2 API Project"
    and consolidate more information about the OS/2 native API and also third party

    The File by File Documentation Project

    On the EDM/2 wiki there are also the effort to document more information about each of OS/2's files. The files are listed under "Category:Files".

    OS/2's Components

    Trying to get a different way to view all OS/2's components there is also the Components category on this page "Category:Components", when we try to explain the building blocks that compose OS/2 .

    I want to thank all the authors that allowed their articles and documentation to be published on the EDM/2 wiki.

    Please visit: http://www.edm2.com

    Help is always welcome, contact me if you want to help me with the wiki.

    Source: Martin Iturbide

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