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    A new version of INIServe is now available. It can be fetched from
    or from Hobbes incoming.

    INIServe (freeware, source included) is a client/server approach to
    remote editing of INI or TNI files. You run the server on the machine
    that has the files to be edited, and run the client on, for example,
    your own desktop. At present the most useful clients are those packaged
    with my own software (e.g. the Weasel mail server), but the INIServe
    package includes an example Rexx client that can be used as a starting
    point for developing your own clients.

    This release does not include any functional changes. The main change is
    in the documentation. I noticed that the documentation did not state
    clearly enough that TNI files are supported as well as INI files, so
    this re-release is really to update the manual.

    -- Peter Moylan mailto://peter@pmoylan.org

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