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    From: jvwDESPAM@DESPAMdfsee.com

    Some exciting new features for DFSee are in the pipeline, and to make
    sure they can be introduced with minimal issues, I am inviting all of
    you to participate in some BETA testing for the major new stuff:

    - MOUSE support for Linux terminals (xterm/rxvt etc, NOT the console)
    as well as for the Mac OSX Terminal.

    This has been a long-standing ommission, mainly caused by the fact
    that the Linux version of DFSee is generic, runs on almost any kernel,
    and beause of that it can NOT use any of the standard libraries like
    ncurses and libgpm (and it is cross-compiled on OS/2, not on Linux :)
    However, for XTERM and similar terminal emulators there is more
    generic support possible using Escape-sequences that are generated
    on request for mouse-events

    I have tested this now on 'urxvt' in a Puppy-Linux and some others,
    and in the MacOS Terminal, and apart from some minor timing issues
    with detecting double-clicks it seems to work just fine.

    Please test in any terminal emulators you have available, and let me
    know if it works or not. As said it will NOT work in the (virtual)
    consoles, without some kind of X-server running, since that still
    requires the use of libgpm to get mouse-events

    - Over the past weeks I worked on a NEW VERSION for a bootable USB
    stick that is meant to be much easier to use than the previous one.

    It is based on a PUPPY-Linux distribution (slacko), and has been
    customized by me to include DFSee and some related stuff directly
    on the presented Linux desktop.

    The stick uses a SYSLINUX mechanism to boot from a FAT32 formatted
    stick, holding a few PUPPY-Linux specific containerfiles that hold
    the actual Linux (and DFSee) stuff. However, since it is FAT32, it
    is also easy accessible from other operating systems to share any
    generated analysis files or disk/partition images.

    It should be quite easy to create such a stick, since EVERYTHING is
    contained in a single downloadable DFSPUPPY.IMZ image that can be
    restored to an USB memory stick (minimum 1GB, 32GB recommended)
    using the DFSee Scripts menu.

    For some more info, and a few screenshots see:


    I have tested the stick (a work in progress) on several Thinkpads
    and a few other laptops, but I would really appriciate some more
    feedback for as much other systems as possible.

    So please report any success or failure booting the stick ...

    Of course, feedback about the presented desktop and DFSee
    are welcome too (the mouse should work in this version)

    Download links for this BETA version 14.6 from the DFSee website:


    and the image for the slacko-DFSee USB stick is at:


    Regards, JvW

    DFSee Home: http://www.dfsee.com; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee - mailto://info@dfsee.com

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