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    From: jvwDESPAM@DESPAMdfsee.com

    DFSee version 14.5 has been released.

    MINOR release, meaning you get it for FREE if you have a 14.x key already. However, thare are some pretty MAJOR new features and bug fixes:

    - Support for disks over 2 TiB, both 512 and 4096 bps (advanced format)
    This has been tested on Windows XP, W7, W10, Linux Suse Leap 42.1,
    Linux Ubuntu and Mac-OS. It should work on DOS when the BIOS has
    support for Extended-Int13 and LBA48 sector addressing (untested).
    Unfortunately this does NOT work at all for OS/2 (or eCS / ArcaOS)
    due to limitations in the kernel (CHS interface, 16-bit cylinders)

    To achieve this, many of the existing display layouts have been
    reworked to handle 64-bit sectornumbers and sizes gracefully.

    - Support for larger compression units (buffers) in IMZ images.
    This can be more efficient in compression, and reduces the size
    of the index file that is used for browsing such an image.
    The image dialog has been enhanced with buffersize selection.

    - Fixes for spurious CRC-errors on verify, and data corruption on restore
    for large IMZ images. Users that rely on DFSee images as a backup, are
    STRONGLY advised to upgrade to this version for maximum reliability!
    On CREATE each buffer is verified by decompressing and CRC-checking.

    - Two new desktop program-object for the Windows and OS/2 installer:
    - 'Browse IMZ imagefile' to access and browse a disk/partition image
    - 'HEX edit binary file' to start an HEX-edit session for a file
    Both will present an Open-File dialog where a file can be selected.

    - Much better progress reporting for 'SMART' imaging and cloning.
    This uses the distribution of unused disk space, as supplied by the
    ALLOC display, which now takes a '-b' buffer option for a reliable
    prediction of the percentage of sectors to be 'SMART' skipped.

    - Support mouse 'doubleclick-to-execute' in the file-pane of Filedialogs
    as well as the Browser, allowing the 'single-click' to select only.
    (avoids unfriendly 'unexpected sudden completion' of the dialog :)

    DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
    smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks,
    filesystem and disk analysis, directory/file browsing with
    edit/view/copy capabilities including limited UNDELETE.

    More details at:

    Direct download links from the DFSee website:


    Or from the HOBBES website:
    or (after processing):

    Functional changes since 14.4

    - Added 'DISKUTIL' as trusted command for Mac OSX (to unmount disks)
    - ALLOC: Predict smart-usage for better ETA in later imaging/cloning
    - ALLOC: display: show disk/part-ID/Drive being checked in status bar
    - ALLOC: Signal Smart-use info not available when aborting display
    - ALLOC: When single-line, output per character (acts as progress bar)
    - Allow external commands on any OS (file-redirect, or pipe on OS/2)
    - BROWSE/IMAGE new compact index-file formats allowing objects > 2TB
    - BROWSE: Fixed renaming of directories from dialog popup (HPFS/JFS)
    - BROWSE: Mouse CLICK to select, DBLCLK to enter (subdir or menu)
    - BROWSE: Support large (2MiB, DOS 256 KiB) buffers in IMZ browsing
    - CLONE (smart): Better ETA using allocation-info for FS or whole disk
    - CLONE: Hint at 'compare' fail, on partition clone and auto 'fixpbr'
    - Calculated Geometry (geocalc): Force 64/32 1-MiB geo on GPT disks
    - CR: Symbolic name 'EXT' = 0x83, 'CONT' = 0x05 (extended container)
    - DARWIN: Use faster 'rdiskN' devices, not 'diskN', unless -raw- switch
    - DESKTOP folder OS2/Windows: Program object 'Browse IMZ imagefile'
    - DESKTOP folder OS2/Windows: Program object 'HEX edit binary file'
    - DFSBRIMZ: New shellscript to start an IMZ BROWSE for file/directory
    - Dialogs: Add 64-bit field-2-value and value-2-field conversions
    - Directory overviews: Allow up to 99.999 numbered entries (.NNNNN)
    - Directory overviews: Display filenames in yellows, to stand out
    - Directory overviews: Display filesizes as 13/20 pos 'dotted' value
    - EDIT: New '-dir' option to present FileDialog with path + wildcard
    - EDIT: New '-screen' option maximizes HEX-edit window to full-screen
    - EFAT: Fix AreaInit Bitmap location (SMART on whole disk, with EFAT)
    - EFAT: Fixed directory listing layout for 64-bit sector numbers
    - EXTn: Fix AreaInit Bitmap + convert (SMART on whole disk, with EXTn)
    - FILEDLG: Better handling of ROOT dir without any subdirectories
    - FILEDLG: Require double-click to ENTER on a FILE (exits dialog)
    - FILEDLG: Fixed infinite looping message on invalid initial path
    - HEXED, update various screen messages for huge sectornumbers (X10)
    - HEXED: Add Ctrl-Z (UNDO) hint in write-confirm popup and footer-text
    - IMAGE (smart): Much better ETA caluclation, using allocation-info
    - IMAGE/CLONE: Automatic get Smart-ALLOC info when not there (ETA)
    - IMAGE/CLONE: Changed default buffersize to 'optimal-for-current-OS'
    - IMAGE/CLONE: Fixed 'smart optimize' percentage and skipped size
    - IMAGE-Dlg: Add BUFFER select in expert mode, remove Append/Excl-LVM
    - IMAGE: Catch more IMZ compression errors in IMAGE decompress-verify
    - IMAGE: Confirmation dialog on abort using , allow continue
    - IMAGE: Support large (2MiB, DOS 256KiB) buffers for IMZ create
    - Image restore/compare/verify: Progress in decimal KBytes imagefile
    - Improved handling of errors in external commands, better messages
    - KEYS: command will show mouse event timestamp and DBLCLK detected
    - Limit external-command RC values to 16-bit, incl Unix '-1' errors
    - MENU: Display, 'I/O speed, larger buffer (as used for imaging)
    - MENU: Image, Verify ... (and Image DLG): Fixed verify only option
    - MENU: Actions, 'Open partition, Browse' browse on selected partition
    - MOUSE: Detect double-click (quick button DOWN after a button-UP)
    - More 64-bit updates, most display layouts accomodate up to 511 TiB
    - NEWMBR: Reread diskinfo before 'newmbr' for up-to-date part count
    - Opt -b or -b:track sets tracksize as buffersize, -b:N other values
    - PART -V -a: Avoid display of allocation twice (slow on large disk)
    - PROGRESS percentage now based on TIME values, not (sector) counts
    - Partition displays and option/switch parameter parsing made 64-bit
    - Prevent 'lvm' command to work on GPT style disks (corrupts PTA)
    - Psave/Prestore/Image/Restore update for 64-bit sectornumbers / size
    - PTE: Fixed unwanted change from GPT to MBR style after Hex-Edit
    - PTE: Updated dialog sector first/last fields to accept 64-bit values
    - RC: New cmd to SET a returncode and explain its meaning when known
    - RESTORE: Support large (2MiB, DOS 256KiB) buffers in IMZ restore
    - SCAN: Allow larger I/O buffers, and use optimized default size
    - SLT, check allocation only when using '-a' or '-m' options (CHECK)
    - SLT, check allocation only when using '-a' or '-m' options (CHECK)
    - SPEED: Progress in seconds, add buffersize hint when using default
    - UNIX: No quit on failing external command, give error explanation
    - Updated ALLOC map displays for variable 64..256 character width
    - Updated all ALLOC map displays for 64-bit sectornumber and sizes
    - Updated statusline and default sector displays for 64-bit LSN's
    - Updated to support 64-bit sectornumbers and disk/partition sizes
    - WIPE: Add extra warning when wiping MBR or BOOTSECTOR (start at 0)

    Regards, JvW

    DFSee Home: http://www.dfsee.com; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee - mailto://info@dfsee.com

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