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    A new version of TZset (freeware, source included) may be downloaded from


    This is to compensate for a missing feature in the OS/2 System Clock.
    The system's internal date/time record contains a "time zone" field, but
    the value in that field always shows up as "undefined" unless a program
    like TZset puts a value there. (And the "System Clock" object properties notebook is missing the "time zone" tab that one would expect to see
    there.) In practice many programs compensate by parsing the TZ
    environment variable, but that is needless duplication.

    In addition to putting a valid timezone value into the record returned
    by the API call DosGetDateTime, TZset adjusts that value when summer
    time starts or ends.

    Version 7 of the program has the following changes:

    Changed the "US default rules" to reflect changes to the
    summer time start and end dates for those states that
    respect the federal standard.
    Fixed: start/end dates for the following year were
    incorrect. Those dates were relevant for any case
    where the summer is already over.
    Display change: the screen output messages use more
    human-friendly date formats than the internal format.
    Display change: we don't display the minutes until the
    next change unless it is really close. Before that we
    display hours or days, as appropriate.
    Added an icon.

    -- Peter Moylan mailto://peter@pmoylan.org

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