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    Major Major (free, source included) version 2.3 is now available from


    or from Hobbes. Major Major is a mailing list manager, which lets you
    create your own mailing lists. Multiple languages are supported. A
    prerequisite is the ability to create new mail accounts (one for each
    list, plus one manager account), either by arrangement with your mail
    provider or by running your own mail server.

    This is the first major update in two years. (Not because the program
    was abandoned, but because of a lack of bug reports.) The changes since
    version 2.2 are:

    Added manual section on multiple domains.
    Added a check for missing From: header.
    Fixed: for a message with non-deleted attachments,
    the trailer was being inserted at the wrong place.
    Fixed: Admin was not storing the "kill attachments"
    option for a new list, although the option was
    correctly handled after the first change.

    -- Peter Moylan mailto://peter@pmoylan.org

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