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    For those going to attend Warpstock Europe 2017 who like their food I am willing to make a restaurant reservation (restaurants here usually do not have
    seats available without reservation on Fridays and Saturdays). Some options are: SanSan, Sichuan kitchen, authentic, fairly spicey, Saigon, Vietnamese food, pretty good but 'western' version of food (authentic noodle soup though), Little V, really nice Thai food, Vessel 11, English (yes, they do serve very edible dishes), Smaak van Afrika, reasonable African (both west and
    east) cuisine. a host of Frencht style places usually a bit more expenisve, steak houses, etc etc. To make a reservation I will have to know how many will
    attend, so if interested, state your preference and date you would like a reservation for and email
    to kbrdinner@guzzidotdemondotnl

    Reviews of restaurants can be found o.a. at www.iens.nl


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