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    From: jvwDESPAM@DESPAMdfsee.com

    DFSee version 13.3 has been released.

    It is a MINOR release, with Linux huge-disk and 4096 BPS disk support
    and some other minor fixes and enhancements.

    It also DISABLES the use of 'Smart' optimization for cloning and imaging
    of EXT2/3/4 filesystems, since some problems have been found with that.
    Until those are fully understood and fixed, cloning and imaging will be somewhat slower for EXT, and the (still compressed) IMZ files larger.

    There is a new command for EXT filesystems 'bg' that can list all the blockgroups with differences between BG administration and the bitmaps. (showing exactly by how much, and where a mounted filesystem is 'dirty')

    DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
    filesystem and disk analysis, some file recovery and UNDELETE
    and smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks.

    More details at:

    Direct download links from the DFSee website:



    Or from the HOBBES website:
    or (after processing):

    Functional changes since 13.2

    - ALLOC: Avoid crash on empty NTFS, HFS, RSR or EXT2/3/4 filesystems
    - CR: Fixed 1-MiB alignment for 1st primary GPT partition on 4096 BPS
    - CR: Make better aligned size-estimate based on -f freespace option
    - CR/CLEANUP: Preserve an ACTIVE extended in MBR (but reset in EBR's)
    - DARWIN: Change 'Linux device ...' strings in output to 'Unix device'
    - DARWIN: Change 'Linux device ...' strings in output to 'Unix device'
    - DARWIN: Use an exact 1 MiB cylinder size as default disk geometry
    - DISK: Allow sectorsize of 512-byte multiples upto 4096, except OS/2
    - EXFAT Fixed bitmap calculations for ALLOC display/Smart on 4096 BPS
    - EXFAT/FAT32 fixed possible brec bootsec buffer overflow on 4096 BPS
    - EXT2/3/4: Fix recognition and calculation for non 512 BPS, 4096 BPS
    - EXT2/3/4: Implemented BG cmd to display group info and block bitmap
    - EXT4: Automatic display of combined bootsector+superblock, 4096 BPS
    - EXT4: Smart cloning/imaging and ALLOC supported with BLOCK_UNINIT
    - EXT4: Discard 'smart' clone/image option if option META_BG (>256Tb)
    - EXT4: Fix Group Descriptor for non-std sector/block sizes, 4096 BPS
    - FAT: Correctly handle .NNN selection from FAT directory on 4096 BPS
    - FIND: Fixed searching in exact MiB boundaries (BSFIND) on 4096 BPS
    - GPT: Added hints to create the GPT-guard, and EFI-system partitions
    - GPT: Added the 'BIOSBOOT' GPT partition type to type selection list
    - GPT: Validate entry last-PSN against HDR to support 64-bit SN better
    - HFS: Fixed calculations for Blocksize and bits / block on 4096 BPS
    - LINUX: Fix physical disk size calculation for disks > 2Tb
    - LINUX: Show EXT2/3/4 native FS in GPT type LINUX_ROOT_X86_32 or _64
    - MBR: Added recognition for GRUB2 originated generic MBR bootcode
    - MENU: Handle a GPT-style type for 'Change partition type' (settype)
    - MOVE: Fix spurious crash when moving to BEGIN freespace
    - NEWMBR: Select disk before allocating sector (fix 4096 BPS crash)
    - NTFS: Fixed bitmap calculations for ALLOC display/Smart on 4096 BPS
    - NTFS: Fixed calculations for $BadClust resize and reset on 4096 BPS
    - NTFS: Fixed reading of the logfile flags and logstatus on 4096 BPS
    - PART: Added partition type 0xDA for Linux non-FS data (RAID variant)
    - PART: Display ACTIVE indicator on extended container (GRUB stage-1)
    - PART: Force display of first (outer) extended container, if ACTIVE
    - PART: Open, show Clustersize in sectors, not *512 byte on 4096 BPS
    - PART: Short descr. of EBR bootcode (if any) added to 'Related' col
    - RAW2IMZ, IMAGE, CR (partition) fixed size specification on 4096 BPS
    - SCRIPT: Change $_p_linux... variables to the more generic $_p_unix..
    - SETTYPE: Support type change for GPT-style partitions using -t:
    - TRACE: Made '-r' = reopen logfile on each line, the default setting

    Regards, JvW

    DFSee Home: http://www.dfsee.com; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee - mailto://info@dfsee.com

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