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    From: peterDESPAM@DESPAMpmoylan.org

    My new web server should now be up to production quality. You can get
    the new version -- the sources are in the zip file -- from


    It's now happily running on my own web site, the only glitch being that googlebot is being abnormally persistent trying to fetch a file that
    doesn't exist. (But that's their problem, not mine.) I plan to upload it
    to Hobbes soon.

    Can anyone suggest a more elegant name? All the good names seem to be
    taken. I can't design an icon until I get a name.

    Here's the change log:


    Version 1.1 (29 Apr 2015)
    Fixed: number of clients wasn't being displayed.
    Fixed: some source files weren't being added to the distribution.
    Allowed for alternative hostnames for a domain.
    Increased default max simultaneous clients to 100.
    Added a timeout to deal with lazy bots.
    File buffer size increased to 65536.
    Improved transaction logging.
    Added common log option.
    Improvements to Setup program.

    Version 1.0 (25 Apr 2015)
    Initial release.

    -- Peter Moylan mailto://peter@pmoylan.org

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